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the making of automotive audio 2.0

Purpose-built labs for automotive audio prototyping

offering an end-to-end workflow that supports engineers with powerful design tools and services


Audio Foundry Makerspace Rendering

The Makerspace

Fully equipped, state-of-the-art locations in San Rafael, California and Wales, UK

  • Listening room, measurement room, studio room
  • Access to Peerless components and DSP Concepts RAPID mic arrays
  • Workbench(es), woodshop, Modix 3DP, Object 3DP

The Rig

An SUV-sized automotive audio development sandbox for acoustic design and system layout

  • Easily adjustable, modifiable acoustic environment
  • 24+ locations for speaker placement
  • Replaceable panels and system installation
Audio Foundry Automotive Sandbox Rig
Audio Weaver Testing

Audio Weaver

The industry-leading audio development platform


  • The industry-leading audio development platform
  • Fully integrated debug toolkit for hardware and software
  • Multifaceted tuning toolkit


Engagement Models


Audio Foundry Professional Services Icon

Professional Services

Project-by-project engagement

Audio Foundry Makerspace Icon

 Leased Makerspace

Lease of fully equipped and staffed makerspace 

Audio Foundary Installation Icon


 Rig built and delivered with services and maintenance packages 



  Early system concept validation
  Accelerated development
•  Experiential design flexibility
•  In-vehicle concept presentation
  Fully equipped workspaces
•  Dedicated prototype vehicle
•  Onsite audio experts



Engagement Types

•  Playback and microphone system design
•  Voice and NVH solutions
•  Acoustic benchmarking
•  Audio design studies
•  A/B testing and virtual simulation
•  Proof-of-concept delivery
•  Modeling and tuning direction


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Audio Foundry: a DSP Concepts | Tymphany Collaborationa